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Kirintec unveil their Special Operations Jammer at IDEX 2017

Kirintec unveil their Special Operations Jammer at IDEX 2017

Kirintec unveil their Special Operations Jammer at IDEX 2017

UK based defence and security EOD, IEDD and ECM specialists Kirintec has chosen Abu Dhabi, UAE to launch their new Special Operations Jammer.

Kirintec’s Managing Director Roy Peers-Smith explains why, “With over 100,000 visitors expected over four days, IDEX enjoys a reputation of being the premier defence exhibition in the MENA region.

“The biennial exhibition hosted at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) attracts Government departments, businesses and armed forces across the Middle Eastern Region. We felt that this was the first show of the year with the profiling to match our Special Operations Jammer.”

With a pedigree of technological prowess, Kirintec recognises that military operations are conducted in an increasingly complicated, congested and contested information environment.

The team of world-class engineers who work at Kirintec have therefore designed the next generation of jamming equipment – specifically with Special Operations’ teams across the globe in mind. This is to aide and enhance the performance in the Electronic Warfare environment.

You may already be familiar with Kirintec equipment from their Mercury BLADE and Ventura range of specialist jamming equipment.

However the capabilities of their Special Operations Jammer focuses on the domination of the EMS (Electromagnetic Spectrum) and radio waves: 20MHz – 2.7GHz. These may be used to trigger RCIEDs (Remote-controlled Improvised Explosive Devices), or alternatively it will see others strive to interrupt enemy electromagnetic communication systems.

Kirintec is at IDEX to explain more this February and is set to showcase their brilliant product to visitors of the Middle Eastern International Defence Exhibition and Conference.

Visit the team in Hall 4 stand C30, where you can see first-hand how Kirintec’s Special Operations Jammer allows you to become a node on the secure network, providing complete control of a fleet of jammers.

We recognise that any jamming equipment is not going to end terror activity, but their Special Operations Jammer is a must have in any Special Ops’ teams ‘must have’ essential equipment to deploy to gain the strategic tactical advantage.

The team will advise you on the combination of directional antenna or omni directional antenna specifically to combat the specific threat.

Part of the Kirintec team are former high threat operators and have worked on the front line as an invaluable part of the bomb disposal community. They have worked in high profile countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and the Boston Bombings in the USA.

You can trust us to advise an allied team to ensure you have a one-box solution.

Every Special Operations Jammer will be programmed to combat enemy Electronic Warfare advances. This includes ‘fill’ that focuses on degradation and denial of electronic attacks.

If you are at IDEX please ask us about Kinesis Plus and Xchange integration which allow Communications Through Inhibition and a remote logic control feature (up to 5km range). However, team Kirintec also encourages you to start a conversation today.

Email: or telephone +44 (0) 1989 568 350 to speak to an expert or review our website at

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