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Kirintec is shortlisted for a national award

Kirintec is shortlisted for a national award

Kirintec is shortlisted for a national award

Security and defence organisations are perhaps not conventionally known for being shortlisted for prestigious national marketing awards.

Kirintec is shortlisted for a national awardYet UK based organisation Kirintec is charting new territory. Their team will be judged against other industries for their work by CIM (the Chartered Institute of Marketing), whose panel includes LinkedIn, the Post Office and BMW.

Kirintec has been short-listed in the Brand Management – SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) category, amid eleven other finalists.

The broad spectrum of those being considered to win the Brand Management – SME category includes the Royal Albert Hall/BrandPie, The England & Wales Cricket Board and many branding agencies whose primary focus is branding.

Every year CIM celebrates those who have showcased excellence in their field. For more than 100 years, CIM has been supporting, representing and developing marketers, teams, leaders and the profession.

Speaking about the CIM awards, acting chief executive of CIM Chris Daly commented:

“We’ve seen some fantastic entries, it is already clear that this will be a great representation of our industry’s hard work over the past 12 months. The finalists are varied, innovative and showcase a range of high quality campaigns. The point in these awards is to remind us why we do what we do, and to demonstrate the impact that creative and well-delivered marketing can have across businesses.”

The defence and security industry understandably has to observe different levels of secrecy, and for that reason there can often be lots of misconceptions.

Kirintec has set out to challenge some stereotypes and is the only defence and security organisation they know of, being considered in 2016.

Kirintec’s Marketing Manager Vicky Lannen explains:

“When I first joined this industry, outside the very first exhibition I went to, I was met by anti-war protestors. I felt then that what Kirintec does would surprise, if people really understood what we do.

“Our offering is about saving, not taking life. Kirintec’s subject matter experts and ECM equipment is embedded with knowledge to assist those who work in dangerous situations, our Mercury and REBUS jamming equipment is designed to protect. We are all about understanding the threat to help advance our customer’s response.”

For Vicky, it was not about reaching out to the protestors on that day, but ensuring the small marketing team at Kirintec formulated a visionary plan to better explain.

Adopting marketing tools to reach out with a clear brand identity, positioning themselves as an organisation so stakeholders helped others to have a credible glimpse of their offering.

Previously Kirintec had conformed to the dated ‘stereotypical’ look you may still find examples across the globe within our industry. You would be forgiven for mistakenly landing on their old website and wishing to click away a couple of seconds later. While there were not any ‘shields’ or ‘birds of prey’ motifs to be found, they acknowledge their brand palette was dark and unappealing, their communications were not properly defined and there was not enough focus on perception.

Over the year in question, the team worked hard to implement tried and tested branding techniques; wanting to make their company stand out for the right reasons.

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