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Kirintec presents Sabre – an efficient disrupter

Kirintec presents Sabre – an efficient disrupter

Kirintec presents Sabre – an efficient disrupter

The team has been working very hard to present at a glance information on our product range in the form of new look datasheets. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you one every week during the first part of this year.

With this in mind take a look at our Sabre multi-role disrupter sheet.

Our kit is neatly contained in a soft pouch which contains:

• disrupter stand
• articulating arm
• cleaning tools
• cartridges

Incidentally you can choose to replenish your cartridges separately details of the product are page 7, simply email us to order.

Simple and safe to use our Kirintec Sabre kit requires minimal maintenance and training.

Within this datasheet we have also included details on our Kirintec flying ceramic knife, flying ceramic window breaker and flying spike, which should all be of interest to you.

About Kirintec

Perhaps best known for our Electronic Countermeasures (ECM), at Kirintec we are fast gathering a reputation for supplying the counter-threat market with the best bespoke kits, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) tools and other tactical items specifically for Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD).

When you buy from us be reassured we advise, train and support you throughout the decision making process. We appreciate that our high-end products are investment.

Our world-class defence engineering team customs agile solutions to help advance your response, making us proud to be specialists in the products and services we provide to the defence and security sector internationally

Our customer base is extensive. We assist with products that are in-service across the globe, preserving client confidentially we can’t tell you who they are. If we could we know you would be impressed.

Our customers include:

• Military
• Government
• Police
• First Responders
• VIP and private security

We understand the threat to advance the response.

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