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Who are the ISIS targets?

Who are the ISIS targets?

– Assad’s Syrian government (from whom it has seized more than one-third of its country and seeks the rest).

– Iraq’s Baghdad government (from whom it has seized a quarter of its territory and aspires to more).

– Iraq’s Kurds (from whom it seized parts of Kurdistan until it was forced to retreat by a combination of US air strikes and Kurdish peshmerga boots on the ground).

– Iran (as the leader of Islamic Shia whom Sunni ISIS regards as apostates who must be converted or killed).

– Lebanon (where Iranian affiliated Hezbollah militias have noticed and are fighting back).

– Jordan (fragile and fearful as always).

– Israel (who sees ISIS as just one more terrorist group well down its threat matrix, which fears it primarily as a new bright shiny object that may distract the US from the higher priority threat posed by Iran).

– Saudi Arabia (one of ISIS’ clear medium-term priorities as the leader of the apostate Sunnis, guardian of the holy sites of Mecca and Medina, and jackpot of oil reserves).

– Turkey (across whose borders ISIS’ advance into Kurdish villages has sent additional hundreds of thousands of refugees).

– Australia (where several hundred Australian Muslims have traveled to Syria to join the fight, where others have been inspired by ISIS’ bravado, and where Australian security officials recently uncovered a local plot to capture and behead Australians in Sydney.)

– Europeans, especially in Britain and France (where thousands of Muslims citizens have volunteered to fight and may continue to do so when they return to their homes in European cities).

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