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IS understand manoeuvre warfare

IS understand manoeuvre warfare as they fight back against the YPG move on Ain Issa

The IS launched a bold attack on Kobane late last night that took the city’s YPG defenders by surprise. The IS forces are now in control of two districts West of Kobane. In addition, the IS forces launched another surprise attack against Assad’s forces in the city of Hasaka and are now in control of one third of the city.

The IS leadership launched a daring attack against the city of Kobane late last night using several suicide truck bombs. The attack was launched from the IS controlled town of Jarablus to the West of Kobane.

The attack is clearly a strategy to force YPG forces in Ain Issa and surrounding areas (30 miles from IS capital Raqqa) to retreat north to prevent Kobane (and their supply base/lines) from falling to IS forces.

This quick strategic thinking and swift deployment of IS forces yet again demonstrates the superb military skills the IS possess, thanks to the heavy presence of ex Saddam’s military and intelligence officers within their midst.

The fighting within Kobane is fierce, still ongoing and this will force YPG forces to either redeploy some of their forces north to defend Kobane, thus depleting their ability to defend recent gains near the IS capital in Raqqa, or abandon these gains all together.

The swift retaliation by the IS in the form of attacking Kobane shows clearly that they understood fully that through a daring, strategic attack could the IS achieve both a military objective and repair their image of invincibility which had suffered in recent setbacks at the hands of the YPG forces.

What made IS actions even the more necessary and time sensitive was the declaration of war against IS by the pillars of modern Jihad ideology such as Abu Qatada and Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi. These pillars have finally branded IS as “Khawarij”, which means that the other Jihadist and Islamist groups in Syria have now received a vital and crucial edict allowing them to wage Jihad against the IS.

Therefore it was extremely important that the IS launched these daring and headline grabbing attacks against the YPG in Kobane and the Assad regime in Hasaka in order to drown the noises of these giant Jihad ideologues. In one swift action, the IS achieved three goals: mute the dissenting/hostile voices, raise the morale of their fighters and finally force the YPG to make difficult strategic choices.

5 Dimension Consultants based in Dubai provided this report. 5 Dimension are world-leading experts on jihadi issues.

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