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IS accept Boko Haram allegiance

IS accept Boko Haram allegiance

In the latest release from al-Furqan, the official media outlet for the Islamic State (IS) in an unusual 27 minute 51 second audio cast, released at 7pm GMT this evening, they present a letter from the Sheikh Adnani, an official spokesman of IS.

Adnani is Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, real name: Taha Sobhi Falaha, a Syrian national from Idlib who pledged allegiance to Abu Musab al- Zarqawi, the founder of AQ in Iraq, the precursor of IS in 2002-2003. Has was a military instructor in the past and was imprisoned by American forces in mid-2000s.Sheikh Pic

In the recording he accepts the oath of allegiance from Boko Haram, broadcast on 6th March. He then goes on to taunt the West by stating that no matter what the fears of the West are, the IS is here to stay.   He says that “if they (IS) are driven out of captured areas they will take them back” and claim that “the IS is steady and strong and it keeps getting stronger day after day” further stating “we give you the good news that the caliphate has extended to west Africa” he then calls for Jihad to spread.

Adnani goes on to call Muslims to come to what they call the land of Islam, which is a contradiction as many of IS practices are against what is written in the Koran.

He triumphantly states they have “no people that worship more than one god here, no paganism, no democracy or secularism here, there’s no difference between an Arab or a Iranian here, no difference between white or black people, here Americans and Arabs become brothers, the Africans and Europeans, the easterners and westerners are all the same”. However later in their statement they call Shiite Muslims enemies emphasising the contradictions that exist through it.

He then goes on to attack Jews and Christians saying they are “too late” as “we took you by surprise, the IS has been established already” and stating that “IS is steady, it is staying, and expanding, and you’re not going to be able to stop in its way”  later in the recording Adnani refers to the destruction of the statues, referring to destroying artefacts from the ancient archaeological site of Hatra in Iraq.

The recording is a rallying call trying to suggest a greater coherence with a perceived expanding Islamic State, however, it is not clear how integrated Boko Haram are likely to be and there is no evidence to suggest senior IS officials have gone to Nigeria to try and consolidate the allegiance as happened in Libya when the IS Mufti, Turki al-Binali (AKA Abu Sufian al-Sulami) was set to be the leader of the IS in Libya.

Interestingly he claims that 70% of the IS capability in many areas had been degraded by allied air strikes, but denied it was impacting their ability to operate.  Frighteningly he finished with direct threats to Paris, Rome, the White House, Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower and then outlines their desire to join the Muslim countries from Pakistan to Jordan though Iran and Israel into one state.  However, this is likely rhetoric to try and maintain support.

The reality of the IS expansion and their ability to generate coherence remains questionable and their rhetoric internationally gets louder as their tactical defeats in Syria and Iraq increase.

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