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Intersec conference: The human factor by Dr. Mohammad Aref

As part of the conference series at this year’s Intersec exhibition, getting underway on the 18th of January at the Dubai World Trade Centre, Dr Mohammad Aref will be discussing the human factor in safety culture. Here is an inside view of what to expect from Dr Aref.

Safety culture within any organisation plays a major role in process safety incidents and it is often up to the executive leadership to set the course for the company’s process safety programs. Aligning each employee with the overall objectives of the organisation makes an operation safer and more sustainable, and makes process safety a true part of day-to-day operations. This conference at Intersec 2015 will allow us to address strategies to create a positive safety culture through leadership, employee involvement, measurement systems, and continuous improvements.

How to promote good safety culture within organisation

Developing healthy and constructive Safety Culture is one of key responsibilities of the top senior management in organisation; human factors are key consideration when it’s related to safety culture and implementing an effective HSE Management System to ensure safety of operations and enables organisations to monitor and manage risks related to the working environment.

Need to understand how the human factor contributes to the process safety, human are key players in this to systematically improve health and safety to ensure a sound and healthy working environment for employees. It also encourages employees to perform to their best. This will in turn improve the financial results. Improved occupational safety and health enhances productivity by reducing the number of interruptions in the work processes, reducing absences, decreasing the number of accidents and improving work efficiency.

In this presentation you will learn how the human factor effects the process of safety and protection.

Highlights of Discussion:

• Importance of Front Line Leadership
• Reducing Workplace Accidents
• What’s are the Challenges on changing Human Culture?
• How to do Mindset for Employees towards better Safety Culture.
• How to promote good Safety Culture within Organisation.
• Linking Safety and Human Factors


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