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Intelligence Updates to 7th May

Jihadist groups in Egypt have increased attacks on high-level security personnel and appear to be operating with support and intelligence from groups opposed to the opposition, most likely Muslim Brotherhood members.

Oil and gas giant CNPC lost a contract they had with the Iranian government worth US $2.5 billion concerning the exploitation of the Azadegan oil field. The development should serve as a lesson to foreign business in Iran that the Iranian government prioritises respect to culture, religion and good business practice. (For further advice on Iran’s culture and business practice, please get in touch with Five Dimensions Consultants).

The latest intelligence brief on Saudi Arabia covers the latest security developments regarding Shia militants in Saudi Arabia. After a shooting in the Shiite village of Awamiya between militants and Saudi Arabia’s security forces, a cache of weapons was confiscated including silencers not dissimilar to those that were confiscated in Bahrain earlier this year. This strongly implies links between Saudi-based militants and anti-regime elements within Bahrain. We also report on Saudi Arabia’s announcement that it has managed to foil a plot by the terrorist group ISIS to carry out attacks in the country as well as on Prince Mohammed bin Sultan’s swearing in ceremony after he was appointed Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs.

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