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Infoblox DNS Firewall as a Service Introduced

Infoblox DNS Firewall as a Service Introduced

Infoblox DNS Firewall as a Service Introduced

Cloud-based service expands the value of customer investment in Infoblox by providing visibility, policy management, and context-aware security for devices on-premise and off-premise.

Infoblox Inc., the network control company, announced Infoblox DNS Firewall as a service, extending the company’s industry-leading DNS protection to roaming devices off premise.

Infoblox DNS Firewall ( is an on-premise physical or virtual appliance that prevents malware and advanced persistent threats (APTs) from disrupting critical business operations and exfiltrating data, by preventing infected devices from communicating with command-and-control (C&C) sites and botnets.

Infoblox DNS Firewall as a service, now being offered to select Infoblox customers and expected to be generally available by the end of 2016, offers a single pane of glass for protecting users from malware and cyberattacks while they are on the corporate network and when they are roaming outside the corporate perimeter. This new cloud service from Infoblox extends the capability of network and security operators by providing actionable network intelligence that strengthens their operational and security postures.

In addition to providing cloud-hosted recursive DNS with firewall capabilities, the new service delivers unified reporting and single-policy configuration for Infoblox customers, capabilities not available from purely cloud-based DNS services. Infoblox DNS Firewall as a service in the future will also extend the rich Infoblox security ecosystem to help customers remediate threats across their security infrastructures.

For example, customers with Infoblox DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (DDI) infrastructure can harness the business context provided by that infrastructure to prioritize risk and remediation efforts, without excessive operational overhead—both on and off their premises.

The Infoblox DNS Firewall service and on-premise offerings capitalize on the threat intelligence technology from the acquisition of IID in February 2016 ( Updated continuously and curated by a staff of threat researchers working around the clock, the Infoblox Threat Intelligence feed provides real-time machine-readable threat intelligence to block threats no matter where they emerge and as soon as they emerge. This real-time threat intelligence reduces false positives, provides descriptions of individual threats, clearly indicates severity level and classification, and states whether an identified threat is active or inactive, to help customers better prioritize response and remediation.

Scott Fulton, executive vice president of products at Infoblox said:

“Enterprise networks do not have the luxury of being walled gardens any more, not with employees bringing their own devices and accessing data from everywhere. Infoblox DNS Firewall as a service helps our customers by providing the same industry leading protection for on- and off-premise devices, helping organizations to build enterprise networks that are more available, secure, and smart.”

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