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In Umeå, Aperio helps define a sustainable future for assisted-living

When the city of Umeå, Sweden, needed a modern electronic locking system to secure a new assisted-living facility, it turned to Tidomat and Aperio® from ASSA ABLOY. The city demanded more than just stringent, user-friendly security. Umeå targeted a new gold standard, a sustainable solution to keeping its most vulnerable residents safe in the new Äldrecentret Teg.

The largest city in northern Sweden, Umeå built a new flagship assisted living facility in Teg to provide accommodation and on-site rehabilitation for people with dementia and physical illnesses. The choice for the access control system was Tidomat integrated with Aperio® wireless lock technology from ASSA ABLOY.

Key requirements for the facility’s locking solution included a people-centred, secure electronic access control system that would be suited to keeping a vulnerable client group safe combined with a sustainable technology to cut unnecessary energy use at the new facility.

Each of the 110 Aperio® equipped doors is connected wirelessly to the access control system. There’s also a locker in every room that can only be opened, via electronic lock, by the correct resident or a member of staff.

Aperio® wireless locks are battery powered, and so use much less energy than wired magnetic security locks. They only “wake up” when a credential is presented to the reader. In fact, an Aperio® lock and reader combined uses only 0.001 kWh of energy per year. This compares with 55.2 kWh per year for a typical wired lock and reader*.

The energy-efficient Aperio® installation is flexible and future-proofed: it allows Umeå Social Services to bring further facilities into the access control system, if required at a later date. “This is the first step,” says Åsa Jernbom, planning secretary at Umeå Social Services. “Because we’re going to build more assisted living facilities, so we need to think in the long term—smart and sustainable. Umeå is setting the standard with this new facility.”

Joacim Äwrnlund, Aperio® Sales Manager Sweden at ASSA ABLOY, adds: “We are very proud of the energy- and carbon-saving credentials of our battery-powered locks. In the long term, installing wireless locks like Aperio® also guarantees cost savings, thanks to reduced energy consumption and lower carbon emissions from a site.”

About Aperio®: Available on the global market place, ASSA ABLOY’s Aperio® Technology enables a wide range of access control providers to cost-effectively integrate non-wired doors with mechanical locks into access control systems.

About Äldrecentret Teg: In Umeå, northern Sweden’s largest city, Äldrecentret Teg is a new assisted living facility built to provide accommodation and on-site rehabilitation for people with dementia and physical illnesses. From hearing loops built into the floor to Aperio® wireless locks on the doors, technology is at the heart of the new centre

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