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IDIS celebrates 20 years with H.265 cameras and NVRs at Intersec 2017

IDIS celebrates 20th anniversary with release of H.265 range of full-HD IP cameras and NVRs at Intersec 2017

IDIS celebrates 20th anniversary with release of H.265 range of full-HD IP cameras and NVRs at Intersec 2017

Security Middle East speak to Harry Kwon, General Manager at IDIS Middle East and North Africa (MENA), on the 20th anniversary of IDIS and their H.265 range of full-HD IP cameras and NVRs which was released in the summer of 2016.

As IDIS are celebrating their twentieth year this year, what have been the highlights for the company and where do they see their future?

IDIS to celebrate their 20th anniversary by releasing a new H.265 range of full-HD IP cameras and NVRsFounded in 1997 by experts in computer science and artificial intelligence, IDIS has been at the forefront for surveillance innovation for over two decades. By 1998 IDIS had pioneered the move from analogue surveillance to digital pushing the company to world number one in digital video recorder (DVR) sales and with the company seeing sales reach over $50 million in 2005, while winning a raft of business accolades along the away.

In 2013, IDIS launched its own brand business as well as IDIS DirectIP™ a truly game changing plug-and-play surveillance solution that alleviated the obstacles of installing and operating networked video surveillance. By 2015, IDIS has established regional headquarters in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas, while simultaneously bringing to market the IDIS Total Solution that offers a comprehensive line up of equipment, software and unique technologies that meet the surveillance needs of businesses large and small, while ensuring a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

What makes IDIS a market leader is not only understanding industry trends, but looking at how we apply new technologies to be affordable and accessible to a wide range of businesses.  In terms of the future, IDIS will continue to offer a true total solution that will be more robust encompassing a wider range of technologies that make video surveillance even more resilient and easier to install and operate. For example, when IDIS launched DirectIP it made network surveillance more accessible to a wider range of customers in terms of affordability and unparalleled ease of installation and use without trading performance, quality and reliability.

Over the next decade, as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) permeate the industry, IDIS intends to do the same, by utilising these types of cutting edge technologies and making them both simple for installers and end users install and operate as well as cost effective for businesses large and small. We will continue to look at how video data can be utilised beyond security operations to deliver business intelligence and further deliver on our promise of a low TCO.  We will also stay committed to our mission to contribute to a safe and more secure world through our commitment to continual innovation and by fostering a culture of creativity.

More information and details on our year-long 20th anniversary celebrations can be found on our website by going to

IDIS to celebrate their 20th anniversary by releasing a new H.265 range of full-HD IP cameras and NVRs

IDIS announced a series of new technologies in the summer of 2016, including a new H.265 range of full-HD IP cameras and NVRs. How have these technologies been received in the industry so far?

IDIS most definitely appear to be leading the market with the most extensive H.265 line up and at Intersec visitors will be able to see that we’re continuing to add further H.265 plug-and-play IP cameras and network video recorders (NVRs) to our range.

However, there’s a need to continue to educate the market as to the benefits of H.265 as there are a range of compression technologies used by various manufacturers and some of the major players are yet to adopt the new H.265 standard, so many installers are sticking with what they are familiar with.

We’re discovering that the low total cost of ownership of H.265 is incredibly attractive when working with forward thinking integrators and end users. They understand that while the initial price point is slightly higher than our first- and second-generation technology, the on-going storage and bandwidth savings of up 90% when using IDIS Intelligence Codec that combines H.265 with Motion Adaptive Technology (MAT) results in very appealing and tangible on-going cost savings.

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