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Hormann launches APU 67 thermo industrial sectional doors

UAE – Engineered to meet the demand for improved thermal insulation, the newly launched APU 67 industrial sectional door from Hormann Middle East features a 67mm deep profile that incorporates thermal breaks between sections, to offer even better thermal resistance.

Commenting on the APU 67 Thermo-aluminium glazed door with a steel bottom panel, Darius Khanloo, managing director at Hormann Middle East & Africa said: “It is ideal for vehicle workshops as these doors allow in natural light while the robust bottom panels help to make this option easier to service and repair. Hormann’s unique, scratch resistant, Duratec triple glazed panels are standard, however quadruple Duratec glazing and twin pane climatic glass are options dependent upon the level of insulation required.”

For workshops, Hormann provides matching glazing division for doors with and without wicket doors. Furthermore, easy and safe passage of pedestrians is guaranteed with the wicket door with trip-free threshold. And for commercial buildings and warehouses, the PU-foamed bottom section can be serviced easily if damaged, for example, by a vehicle.

Protection bollards protect from damage when used outside, they avoid expensive collision damage on buildings. When used inside, they protect the door tracks from collision damage.

APU 67 Thermo, depth 67 mm, provides excellent thermal insulation with a U-value of up to 1.5 W/(m²·K) for a door size of 5 × 5 m, thanks to its glazing beads and steel bottom sections with thermal break. Large glazing also allow more light in the workspace.

The 750-mm-high bottom section is optionally available in Stucco or Micrograin surface finish without surcharge. The even PU-foaming of the steel section makes it particularly robust. In case of extensive damage, it can be exchanged easily and is affordable.


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