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Great responses to first Nedap CPD approved sessions in Dubai, UAE

Experts from a variety of different consultancies in the security industry visited the Burj Al Arab, the only 7 star hotel in the world to attend the first Nedap CPD Lunch & Learn session in the UAE region. The topic of the session was ‘The importance of security specifications’ and first responses from the experts of both large UAE/GCC specific and multinational consultancies were very positive.

As one of the attendees explained during the informal discussion event after the presentation: “I especially liked the fact that the Nedap CPD sessions are organised to share knowledge and experience rather than to pitch their products. I felt that the sessions were based on simple, descriptive and good examples. Therefore, it raised awareness on the influence that the security performance specification has on project costs and really made me think in a different way. I found it very useful to find out more about the importance of defining future requirements as well as ‘how’ a system should meet requirements, rather than only focusing on ‘what’ the system should be able to do today.

By hosting CPD Lunch & Learn sessions, Nedap aims to share information and insights that assist experts in the security industry in strengthening their knowledge base on physical security aspects. “With these CPD sessions we have the opportunity to share our knowledge in a non commercial way, which is very much part of the Nedap culture in my opinion and I think this makes a refreshing change as consultants get bombarded with invitations to CPD sessions or requests to hold CPD sessions.”, as Ross Bale, Nedap’s CPD professional who presented the session stated. Nedap CPD sessions are beneficial to security professionals who are involved in any part of the process of designing and specifying physical security solutions.

This week, Nedap has launched an on-going CPD programme in the UAE and GCC region and have scheduled a number of visits to different consultancies in the industry to host CPD sessions relevant to their business.

Please contact Nedap if you are interested in finding out more about their CPD Sessions

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