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Global Traffic Technologies partners with Omnix International

Global Traffic Technologies partners with Omnix International

Global Traffic Technologies partners with Omnix International

Omnix will be present at MENA Transport and will be presenting Traffic Signal Management solutions from GTT

During the 2016 MENA Transport show in Dubai (April 25-27) OMNIX will be showing delegates GTT’s innovative solutions for traffic-sensing and signal priority.

U.S.-based GTT – makers of Opticom priority control solutions and Canoga traffic-sensing solutions – began expanding into the international market last year by creating partnerships with established regional companies.

GTT vice president of EMEA markets Richard Eltze announced the partnership with OMNIX April 13. Eltze said:

“The company’s focus on smart mobility solutions, including traffic signal management, make OMNIX an ideal partner for GTT in the Middle East. The fact that they will be showcasing our brands at their stand at MENA Transport is testament to the commitment and importance Omnix gives our solutions. In order to further support their efforts at the show I will personally be there to assist with any meetings on relevant projects.”

Mamoun Arsan, General Manager for OMNIX’ ESS division said the partnership brings value to clients in the Middle East. He said:

“With strong local presence, knowledge, and a large experienced technical team, Omnix is able to leverage best in class priority control solutions from GTT and offer clients solutions to tackle their challenges. We are confident that the partnership with GTT will be a great addition to the Smart Mobility solutions offered by Omnix.”

GTT’s Opticom technology can help reduce operating costs while simultaneously improving service, on-time performance and ridership. Opticom priority control solutions are now installed at more than 70,000 intersections and 70,000 vehicles within more than 3,100 municipalities worldwide, including installations in North America, Europe and the Middle-East.

GTT’s traffic-sensing solution Canoga – enables traffic engineers to make informed decisions regarding traffic flow and report traffic count to national agencies. The solution can verify speeds, identify vehicle class, detect wrong-way motorists, enable safer intersections on rural highways and detect vehicles/bikes at the stop bar, all with Industry-leading precision that is immune from environmental factors, highly reliable and capable of centralized management.

International Expansion

In 2015 GTT embarked on a proactive international sales and marketing strategy wanting to promote their technology to a larger global audience. The move stems from a deep understanding and appreciation that Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP), Transit Signal Priority (TSP) and traffic-sensing solutions are increasingly seen as mission critical in any geographical region with large congested cities.

Eltze has been instrumental in forging new partnerships.

“The international sales effort has been undertaken by forging strong regional partnerships – such as the agreement we’re announcing with Omnix today – and has been very successful,” Eltze said. “It has already led to a number of new projects, which are set for implementation during 2016 and onwards.”

Visit Omnix at MENA Transport on Stand 5B24.

If you wish to make a meeting appointment with GTT in advance of MENA Transport, please email Mr. Eltze at

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