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GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE INSIGHT – Weekly report 31st May – 08 June 16

Global Intelligence Insight, working with SecurityAffairs and SecurityMediaPublishing will deliver a weekly report on issues in Syria and Iraq as well as extremist related global terrorism.

Data comes not just from open sources but also from material not readily available and is gathered by intelligence professionals using specialist tactics techniques and procedures in order to bring a summary of the ground truth to you and an assessment of what the professionals think is likely to happen next.

Global Intelligence Insight is a Cyber Intelligence company gathering information from protected channels/Deep & Dark Web and social media sites delivering detailed analysis and live feed insights in order to provide support to our clients decision making processes. They have a bespoke collection toolset which is a combination of automated and eyes on monitoring.

In their latest report they outline the publication of a new ISIS “kill list”

Pro ISIS Cyber Caliphate Army and United Cyber Caliphate published a new kill list with more than 8.000 individual names from worldwide countries. With the same leak, showed up aerial photos from NATO air bases and Russian strategic airbases.

The final assessment of their report covering 31st May to 08 Jun 2016 is below:

In addition to the military pressure exerted on ISIS’s strongholds in Iraq and Syria, ISIS is under heavy pressure in Libya.

As we wrote at our last report, the high risk level of a possible terror attack must be considered, mostly in UK, France (during Euro 2016) and Belgium.

The heavy losses that ISIS are facing right now should increase their level of producing warfare and guerrilla acts worldwide, actually as Al Adnani (ISIS spokesperson) added to his last speech.

Libya represents a major threat in the way that migrants are trying to flee from there and ISIS Jihadists tried to infiltrate within them with legal documentation. This should be considered as a TIER 1 topic within the Intelligence Community.

The full report can be downloaded by clicking HERE

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