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Frost & Sullivan Present Arbor Networks with Leadership Award

Arbor Networks, Inc. has announced that Frost & Sullivan has awarded the company the 2014 Global DDoS Mitigation Market Leadership Award.

Frost & Sullivan recently published its most comprehensive analysis of the DDoS mitigation market to date, examining key market drivers, the evolving threat landscape and providing recommendations on the top DDoS mitigation suppliers in the industry. The report also “strongly advised” enterprises to consider a “hybrid and layered approach” to DDoS defense. Based on the research and analysis that went into the report, Frost & Sullivan recognised Arbor Networks with the 2014 Global DDoS Mitigation Market Leadership Award.

“Arbor Networks has built a strong association between its brand and best-of-breed DDoS mitigation. This brand name strength is based on Arbor Networks’ expertise in DDoS mitigation and years of experience researching and analysing DDoS attacks, including blended and sophisticated attacks,” said Frost & Sullivan network security analyst Chris Rodriguez. “With Arbor Cloud, the company is delivering a tightly integrated, multi-layered solution to today’s increasingly dangerous DDoS problem. We strongly advise businesses that have an acute need for availability of business critical websites and applications to consider a hybrid defence.”

For more insight into the Frost & Sullivan Analysis of the Global DDoS Mitigation Market, download report findings here. Please visit the Arbor Networks blog for access to a video featuring Frost & Sullivan’s Chris Rodriguez, and an infographic detailing Arbor’s leadership stance in the market.

“Arbor Networks provides DDoS protection for the world’s most complex and demanding networks across the ISP, cloud/hosting and enterprise markets. No vendor has our experience or in-house expertise mitigating today’s most complex attacks. Our proven solutions and operational experience is backed by fanatical service and support. If your organisation has business critical Web properties and applications that absolutely must maintain availability, you need to talk to Arbor Networks,” said Arbor Networks President Matthew Moynahan. “We are grateful to Frost & Sullivan for recognising our continued innovation and excellence in the area of DDoS mitigation.”

Arbor CloudSM for Enterprises

DDoS has become a primary threat to the availability of enterprise networks. DDoS was once a basic high-volume attack that flooded the pipes of its targets. The modern DDoS threat is a complex series of attacks that target not just connection bandwidth, but multiple devices that make up existing security infrastructure, such as firewall/IPS devices, as well as a wide variety of applications that the business relies on, like HTTP, HTTPS, VoIP, DNS and SMTP. These infrastructure and application-layer attacks are low volume and they are designed to evade traditional perimeter defenses, and often target them. Best practice defense recommends a combination of cloud-based protection against high-volume attacks, and on-premise protection against application-layer and infrastructure attacks.

With Arbor Cloud DDoS protection, enterprises can now deploy best-practices defense in a single solution, with integrated mitigation from on-premise to the cloud. Arbor Cloud helps protect enterprises against the full spectrum of DDoS attacks, including volumetric, application-layer, state-exhaustion (e.g. targeting firewall/IPS), blended and multi-vector DDoS attacks. The ease of use of the on-premise Pravail® Availability Protection System enables existing enterprise IT staff to maintain control of the mitigation, and gives them the ability to quickly alert the cloud when attacks reach a certain size that cannot be handled on-premise. 

Peakflow® Solutions for Service Providers

The Peakflow family of products is the de facto standard for network intelligence and infrastructure protection among the world’s leading Internet Service Providers, cloud and hosting providers and mobile network operators. Peakflow provides a single view across a provider’s entire network from the customer edge through the backbone and into the mobile packet core. From there, providers can monetise their Peakflow investment to launch new revenue-generating services. More than sixty providers offer DDoS managed services utilising the Peakflow platform. Customised portal access, APIs and delegated management give managed service providers the flexibility and control to tailor services to fit their customers’ needs. Peakflow is the solution of choice for the vast majority of leading ISP DDoS managed services.



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