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FM approval for FireVu Visual Smoke and Flame Detection system

UK – FireVu has announced that its Visual Smoke and Flame Detection System has obtained FM Approval, an internationally recognised testing standard.

FM Approval is issued by FM Global, a worldwide company which provides comprehensive global commercial and industrial property insurance. It is stipulated by many international companies in their invitations to tender.

This latest achievement follows more than 10 years of success for FireVu, an award-winning solution which provides early fire detection for high-value assets and is used on more than 200 sites worldwide, incljuding many in the Middle East.

Industries sectors adopting the technology include power generation, manufacturing, tunnels and aircraft hangars, where time is of the essence when responding to fire.

Following extensive scientific research and examination at the FM test facility, FireVu’s solution was found to conform to the performance requirements of the Approval Standard for Video Image Fire Detectors for Automatic Fire Alarm Signalling. FireVu’s Video Smoke Detection technology detects, identifies and analyses smoke and flame at the start of a fire.

Pauline Norstrom, chief operating officer for FireVu, said: “This is a fantastic achievement for FireVu and reflects the hard work of our team in ensuring that our products meet the highest international standards. Our goal at FireVu is to continue to bring our innovative fire detection solutions to market across a range of sectors. Having FM Approval can only help us achieve this.”

Amongst FireVu’s latest innovations is the Multi Detector, which combines smoke, flame and thermal sensing in a single solution.

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