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EBTCO announces release of ID Card Management Software

EBTCO announces release of ID Card Management Software

EBTCO announces release of ID Card Management Software

EBTCO, global innovators in access control and time attendance systems, is set to release their latest ID Card Management software, BadgeMaster, at IFSEC International 2014.

This is a comprehensive set of tools for badge design, creation and issuance of ID cards, gift cards, loyalty cards and other cards needed for small, medium and large organisations.

BadgeMaster is more an enterprise level ID card design and print management offering client / server model for ease of use and control over the printing process. It has an intuitive and intelligent ID card design options with great enhance-ability and flexibility. BadgeMaster allow large organisations with multi-level units to assign templates according to each employee department.

In other words, if we assign a particular card design to one department then all employees under this department will inherit the design. This allows for automated printing of different templates to users in departments in accordance to the rules and applications defined within the system.

Moreover, the software extends its features with easy to integrate to 3rd party back end systems for linking data on-the-fly among both systems without the need for advanced programming experience. Finally, the BadgeMaster offers enhanced security that extends to each screen within the system and for each action in each screen to allow specific functionality to different users in large organisations to perform the required tasks only.

Each transaction is logged with easy to view audit trails to track the users working on the system. BadgeMaster can be customised further for specific needs for higher security which link the printing software to the Card Printer hardware and by limiting and number of cards that can be printed using the software, thus, enhancing the level of security for advance government applications.

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