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Custom-designed CLIQ® locking system keeps Welsh water safe

Custom-designed CLIQ® locking system keeps Welsh water safe

Custom-designed CLIQ® locking system keeps Welsh water safe

A critical public utility that also attracts 190,000 tourists every year provides the ultimate security challenge. Infrastructure safety is paramount, but so too is the flexibility required to welcome hundreds of daily visitors. At Llyn Brenig Reservoir and Visitor Centre, the answer was ASSA ABLOY`s CLIQ® technology.

Pip Courcoux, Technical Sales Manager at ABLOY UK says:

“Critical infrastructure requires a flexible, high-security locking solution. Exactly for these high demanding projects like these we have developed the CLIQ® locking system.”

Welsh Water required for its new locking system a premium levels of security as the site has valuable plant equipment and the risk of fuel theft, metal theft or poaching is ever-present. The system needs to contain weatherproof equipment, because a number of site padlocks are on gates and barriers exposed to North Wales’ harsh elements all year round.

The site is now equipped with ABLOY padlocks, cylinders and keys from the Protec2 CLIQ® range. The new CLIQ® electromechanical keys are part of an ABLOY Protec master-key system specifically designed to meet the needs of Welsh Water. CLIQ® keys can operate in both mechanical and electronic cylinders. The padlocks for external usage are made of durable materials such as hardened boron steel provide effective protection against drilling, sawing, cutting, twisting or shimming. The plastic cover provides additional protection against dust and impact.

Now access rights at Llyn Brenig can be tailored to every keyholder’s precise needs, and can be amended on demand. CLIQ® also guarantees long-term cost savings for the utility, because locks no longer need to be changed when keys are lost. Missing keys are just deleted from the system.

Llyn Brenig site manager Nick Kite says:

“The greater functionality of CLIQ® is very important, allowing us to change key access rights, download audit trails and remove missing keys as required. It gives us that extra flexibility and greater confidence.”

About CLIQ®: Available on the global market place, CLIQ® is an ASSA ABLOY Group locking technology with battery-powered keys that combines electronic and mechanical security in a wide range of cylinder-type applications.

About Welsh Water Llyn Brenig Reservoir and Visitor Centre: Llyn Brenig Reservoir was completed in 1976, and since 1979 has managed the flow of the River Dee, providing water to industries and households in north-east Wales and north-west England. The reservoir and its environs also attract around 190,000 annual visitors for water sports, fishing, wildlife watching and cycling.

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