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CriticalArc Introduces SafeZone™ to EMEA Region

CriticalArc, an Australian-based security technology company, has announced the appointment of Darren Chalmers-Stevens to the role of Director, EMEA and the inauguration of its Europe, Middle East, and Africa operations. The expansion marks the launch of CriticalArc’s distributed command and control solution, SafeZone, to the region.

Utilised by universities across Australia and Asia, CriticalArc’s SafeZone meets the challenges of efficiently managing everyday security operations through to full-scale emergencies across large and geographically dispersed facilities. Through unparalleled situational awareness, SafeZone enables security and safety teams to coordinate a response to incidents quickly and efficiently. The intuitive SafeZone app makes it easy for employees to summon security or safety assistance via a simple tap on their phone, so allowing security personnel to pinpoint their exact location.

By sharing the location of officers’ smartphones and tablets, SafeZone saves security personnel the vital minutes often wasted trying to locate colleagues by conventional means such as phone and radio. In the event of an incident, the entire security team can access a map displaying the locations of dispersed personnel. Targeting and distributing information to the right people at the right time, supervisors assign a response according to both geographical location and specialist skill, such as first aid. Empowering security personnel with the intelligence to make informed decisions, SafeZone provides complete visibility of incidents and the location of colleagues at all times as events unfold.

Darren Chalmers-Stevens, CriticalArc’s director for EMEA, added: “With SafeZone, control room and field responses become accurate, timely, and informed. Empowered decisions can be made based on improved situational awareness.”

He continued: “Smart devices have transformed our visual and information sharing expectations across other media and CriticalArc has reacted by investing to develop a solution which ensures life-safety decisions are made in real-time with the most relevant data. SafeZone offers compelling return on investment by streamlining day-to-day operations, optimising the effectiveness of security departments who are increasingly required to take on additional responsibilities.”

Deployed in hours as a cost-effective cloud-based service, SafeZone, allows truly mobile and flexible command and control out in the field as well as from control room environments with obvious advantages over fixed infrastructure, such as help points. With mass notification capability and a lone worker check-in feature, the CriticalArc solution increases an organisation’s preparedness to respond to major incidents as well as making security and safety teams more efficient across everyday operations.

Glenn Farrant, Chief Executive Officer, CriticalArc, commented: “SafeZone represents an exciting disruptive technology, particularly in the security market, where new innovation has predominantly focussed on the automation of buildings and asset protection. SafeZone enables a revolutionary approach to increasing the effectiveness of security departments’ most important asset – their people.

He continued: “With strong customer engagements in Europe, underpinned by Darren’s emerging technology and strategic growth expertise, we will continue to invest with a strong focus on the university sector while growing our regional footprint.”

SafeZone is already proving an invaluable tool for any business with facilities covering a large dispersed area such as corporations on science park layouts, critical national infrastructure (CNI) and university campuses.

CriticalArc executives will be available for media interviews during IFSEC International on 17th to 19th June 2014. To arrange an interview, please email CriticalArc PR consultant, Tara Farley, on or call +44 (0)7785 707714.

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