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Crack down on criminals as drones & CCTV is launched in Juba by South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir

A crack down on criminals has begun as CCTV and drones are launched throughout Juba by South Sudan’s President, Salva Kiir, reports Sudan Tribune.

The President has launched surveillance drones and cameras in 11 different locations across the capital, Juba, to help trace criminals who commit crimes.

Earlier this year, the South Sudanese leader assured the country‘s lawmakers that a project would be implemented by the end of 2017 to help reduce crime rates and improve security in Juba.

“This is what I said in February 2016 in the parliament that Juba will be secure, and by introducing the program of Smart City, it will be safe for everyday residing in Juba or visiting Juba,” said Kiir during the project launch. “Everybody can be screened everywhere he or she is going and those who snatch things from the women on the streets can now be traced to avoid getting away with crime.”

11 cameras were installed around the city while the next stage of the project is expected to have 150 cameras in most parts of Juba.

An Israeli-based company is implementing the project, codenamed ‘Smart City’, with each of the five divisions within Juba expected to have one drone.

It is still unclear if the Smart City project would be extended to other states.

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