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Alex Cruz Farmer

C4L Defends Against DDoS Attacks with A10 Networks Thunder TPS

Pictured – Alex Cruz Farmer, Technical Director for C4L

A10 Networks, a technology leader in application networking, today announced that C4L, a data centre colocation and connectivity solutions provider, selected the A10 Networks Thunder TPS Threat Protection Systems to mitigate sophisticated distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and improve service availability. C4L will also use the A10 Thunder TPS platform to launch a new set of services, delivering additional DDoS protection for clients across its 300 network-connected locations.

C4L, one of Europe’s fastest growing connectivity and cloud service providers, conducted a deep technical evaluation of several vendors across a range of DDoS and related attack scenarios, concluding that A10 Networks offered the solution that best fits its needs.

“We have rapidly expanded our CoreTX network and already invest in DDoS and extensive security systems, but felt that with an increased threat landscape, the A10 Thunder TPS provided the best performance versus price combination. The solution allows us to further strengthen our own security posture and extend DDoS as an additional value-added service for our clients,” says Alex Cruz Farmer, Technical Director for C4L.

C4L is a colocation, connectivity, cloud and communications provider headquartered on the UK’s South Coast, providing access to over 100 UK data centres and more than 300 globally. The company is deploying the A10 Thunder 6435 TPS at its primary London core network with a strategy to extend additional units based on demands from clients.

The Thunder TPS deployment at C4L provides deep traffic visibility to spot anomalies across the traffic spectrum, and protects against multiple classes of attack vectors, including volumetric, protocol, and sophisticated application-layer attacks, which are detected and mitigated to prevent a service from becoming unavailable. The initial TPS pair at C4L will offer DDoS mitigation capacity of up to 310 Gbps and scales up to 446 million packets per second. The Thunder TPS security and policy engine (SPE) models leverage specialized hardware to perform security and policy enforcement at high speeds. This includes the hardware-based flexible traffic accelerator (FTA) technology, which can immediately detect and mitigate over 50 common infrastructure attacks.

“The introduction of Thunder TPS has been a seamless process and is already delivering an enhanced level of security for our infrastructure,” says Alex Cruz Farmer. “As we move forward, we plan to offer an enhanced level of security service to our clients to allow for more granular security and flexibility options.”

Glen Ogden, Regional Sales Director, Middle East at A10 Networks says, “Telco operators and cloud service providers in the Middle East depend on the Internet to operate their business, with service interruptions resulting in significant loss of revenue, brand damage, and liability. DDoS attacks are constantly evolving, growing in scale and sophistication, and can inflict severe damage to application and networking infrastructure. C4L’s implementation of A10 Networks’ Thunder TPS solution with advanced DDoS mitigation capabilities serves as a good reference for Middle East enterprises looking to defend against these growing and sophisticated attacks. They could also monetize and derive new revenue streams from the investment in Thunder TPS by providing additional security layers to customers requiring DDoS protection services.”


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