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Brocade New Modular Routers Encryption Enables Pervasive Data Privacy

Brocade has announced the introduction of the industry’s first wire-speed inline encryption for its MLXe modular Routers which enables customers to avoid the use of external encryption appliances, that not only result in loss of application performance and employee productivity but also add operational complexity and have a high cost. By bringing wire-speed encryption into the router, customers can enable pervasive data privacy across their New IP initiatives while offloading their appliances, improving performance, and increasing their overall IT security profile.

Yarob Sakhnini, regional director, MEMA at Brocade says, “Today’s organizations also face a wide range of data privacy challenges, from cyber-attacks and third-party snooping on private networks, to compliance requirements and growing demand for premium, secure services. Ensuring data privacy throughout the network is therefore imperative as organizations seek to enable secure operations without compromising growth, productivity, and profitability. The Brocade MLXe Series provides inline IPsec and MACsec encryption capabilities at wire speed, ensuring data privacy without compromising performance or requiring complex deployments.”

The Brocade MLX Series was designed to perform the pivotal routing function at and between cloud data centers and the end user. Built with a state-of-the-art, sixth-generation programmable architecture and terabit-scale switch fabrics; the Brocade MLX Series helps service providers and enterprises meet massive bandwidth demands, achieve greater virtualization, and provide high-value cloud-based services using less infrastructure—thereby simplifying operations and reducing costs in the data center. Carriers, Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), transit providers, and high-performance research networks also rely on these routers for their backbone networks to meet skyrocketing traffic requirements and reduce the cost per bit. Moreover, the Brocade MLX Series can reduce complexity in campus networks by collapsing core and aggregation layers, as well as providing connectivity between sites using MPLS/VPLS.

Brocade added the industry’s highest level of encryption, IPsec Suite B algorithms with support for AES 256-bit keys, to the family of Brocade® MLXe routers via a purpose-built line module and operating system enhancements. The new security functionality added to the Brocade MLXe routers includes both 256-bit IPsec encryption and 128-bit MACsec encryption, the gold-standard protocols used by organizations to help ensure end-to-end data protection. Both of these security protocols can be enabled at wire speed for up to 44 Gbps (IPsec) or 200 Gbps (MACsec) throughput per module, meeting the highest levels of network performance requirements.

The transparent, inline IPsec encryption within the Brocade MLXe Router enables simplification and improved performance of secure network architectures. It enables the removal of dedicated encryption appliances or off-loads the burden of encryption processing from firewalls, thereby eliminating massive performance degradation of other security functions. Configuration and management of the IPsec encryption is performed along with the network port and other routing functions, simplifying operations and management. This module requires no additional software licenses or support.

The new IPsec and MACsec functionality for the Brocade MLXe routers is interoperable with third-party IPsec Suite B-capable platforms, and it complements MACsec functionality available in the Brocade ICX® family of switches. IPsec interoperability with the Brocade Vyatta® vRouter is targeted for a future release, enabling customers to deploy native network encryption for privacy of all their data across hybrid cloud deployments.

Pricing and Availability
The new IPsec encryption module for the Brocade MLXe, MACsec-capable modules, and supporting software are shipping now. Hardware modules that support up to 200 Gbps of wire-speed MACsec encryption are priced starting at $90,000. A module that supports both IPsec and MACsec at up to 44 Gbps wire-speed performance is priced at $120,000. The Brocade NetIron® OS 5.8 software that enables encryption functionality on these modules is available at no additional cost to customers with a Brocade service contract.


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