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British Fencing Manufacturer

British Fencing Manufacturer Infiltrates Middle East Market

Qatar rarely seems to be out of the news at the moment with a 2019 World Athletics Championships and 2022 FIFA World Cup to look forward to in the next eight years.

It has affirmed a British security fencing systems manufacturer’s long term and well-planned strategic move to concentrate on the Middle East for international trade growth on the back of its success providing the London Olympics 2012.

British Fencing Manufacturer, Zaun has well and truly broken into the Middle East market after three years of patient hard work, a fact that was recognised last week as they won the International Trade Award at the Black Country Chamber of Commerce 2014 Awards.

Zaun is set to expand its operations and relocate to the Free Zone in Dubai after first opening an office there in 2011.

It comes on the back of winning a prestigious pilot contract with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) worth almost £1.5 million to supply the perimeter security for two oil booster stations in Oman.

PDO operates in a concession area of about 100,000 sq km, one third of Oman’s geographical area and accounts for more than 70% of the country’s crude oil production and nearly all of its natural gas supply.

zaun fencing

Zaun is supplying almost 9km of HiSec 358 premier British-made fencing and a large number of PAS 68 crash rated entry and exit gates.

The fencing and gates are integrated with razor wire, PIDs and CCTV to form inner and outer cordons around the Nahada oil booster station in the north of Oman, about 400km from Muscat towards the Saudi border, which is nearing completion. Once finished, they will start to mobilise for its sister Hubara booster station in the south.

Zaun attended the 4th Infra Oman in the UK Pavilion at the Oman International Exhibition Centre in Muscat last month, visited by 4000 delegates from across the Middle East and beyond.

Zaun is pitching for development projects costing billions of dollars that are set to be implemented in the coming years as the Sultanate takes concrete measures to diversify its economy after 43 years.

Jeremy Knight, head of Middle East operations for Zaun, said:

“The pilot has given us real credibility in Oman and constitutes a sizable contract for our Middle East business. As they are well known in the region for setting the benchmark for the industry, we hope to build on the back of that.”

He added that Zaun’s premier British-made fencing, its superior customer service and its embedded operations and commitment to the region are giving them an edge in winning contracts.

They are imminently waiting to hear whether they have won a similar contract in Oman having reached the final bid technical analysis with three main contractors for providing the implementation of integrated security systems for the Oman Electricity Transmission Company.

In the United Arab Emirates, Zaun has won work to supply an Abu Dhabi military base and has also bid to upgrade perimeter security solutions for the American school in Dubai.

Zaun has also quoted for a Kuwaiti oil field project and is receiving enquiries from Iran and Iraq. The burgeoning Middle East operation is therefore alive to joint venture opportunities in the region.

Knight concluded:

“Too many British companies think they can just parachute in executives or run the business from afar and fail to embed themselves properly in the region. We are only now beginning to realise the full potential of our involvement three years in – but the rewards for playing the long game could be huge.”

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