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Breaking News: Kuwait attacked!

Breaking News: Kuwait attacked!

Breaking News from 5 Dimension Consultants

At 1:04PM local time a suspected suicide bomber detonated his device at Imam Saddiq Shia mosque in al-Sawabir area near the Kuwaiti capital. There are reports of casualties including fatalities. Early pictures shows limited damage to the exterior of the mosque but clearly some worshippers emerged bloodied and wounded due to the attack.

5 Dimension Consultants believe this is the work of the IS. They stated in a report on May 25 that following the May 22 IS attack against a Shia mosque in Saudi: ” 5 Dimensions believe, further attacks of this kind will target the four GCC countries most active in the campaign against IS in Syria: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait. The IS has focused so far on Saudi Arabia, but they are looking at the sectarian powder kegs of Bahrain and Kuwait where this kind of attack could ignite street riots and thus invite a violent crackdown from both the Kuwaiti and Bahraini governments. Kuwaiti citizens from both sects are well armed, as a legacy of the weapons Saddam’s army left behind after withdrawing from Kuwait in 1991

Therefore it is their expert assessment that other countries such as Bahrain and UAE are not immune to such incident aiming at undermining the fragile and strained sectarian peace within the GCC countries.

Global Risk Awareness, a Cyber Intelligence company, have given credible information form inside IS where they are claiming responsibility for attacks today in France, Somalia, Tunisia and Kuwait.  This has all the hallmarks of a globally coordinated set of attacks probably aimed, with their attack on Kobane in Syria, to reinforce their strength to supporters in IS held territory and elsewhere.

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