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Breaking News – Child executes captured alleged Mossad Agent

Breaking News – child executes captured alleged Mossad Agent

Islamic State (ISIS) networks were set abuzz during afternoon hours local time with militants vowing an important update would soon be released through al-Furqan Foundation – the militant group’s official media wing – regarding one of their hostages, 19-year-old Arab-Israeli national Muhammad Musallam.

Musallam was reportedly captured by ISIS and admitted to being a Mossad agent during an interview that was published in Dabiq magazine issue number seven in February 2015.

The interviewer asked “How was your cover blown?”

Musallam’s reply said: “Not long after I had arrived I began acting in a manner that wasn’t typical of a muhajir despite the training I had received from the Mossad.  I also failed to follow some orders that my amir had given me, and then became worried that as a result he has become suspicious of me.  I was afraid I would be punished for not listening and obeying as was required of me and possibly be monitored thereafter.  So I went and called my father and told him what had happened, and he told me to come back, but it was too late, as I was being watched.  The mujahidin put me in prison an moved me from one prison to another. During the interrogations,I confessed that I was a spy working for an agent for the Israeli Mossad, and confessed to the things I had done in my country.”

Clearly many of these words will have been deliberately crafted by ISIS for effect.

This evening the Islamic State released video footage broadcasting the apparent execution of Muhammad Musallam.  In the video they used a child to carry to the execution by shooting.  The child was accompanied by an adult Jihadist speaking French in a North African French accent. As part of his diatribe he issued direct threats to Israel.  This is believed to be the first time we have seen a direct threat from IS to Israel.  At the end of the video they show the picture of a further 13 alleged Mossad Agents.

Initial indications suggest the child may be a French national and it therefore likely he is there with other family members.

In twitter traffic the execution has been lauded by Abu Rahin Aziz, 32, from Luton, who skipped bail before he was handed a 36-week jail sentence in absence for attacking a football fan in London’s West End.  He is now in Syria and a prolific tweeter with IS.

The detail in this report has been provided by Global Risk Awareness, a world leading Cyber Intelligence Company.

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