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Bosch DCN Multimedia solution provides enhanced learning

Bosch DCN Multimedia solution provides enhanced learning experience

Bosch DCN Multimedia solution provides enhanced learning experience

Bosch DCN Multimedia solution provides enhanced learning experience at the Gambat Institute of Medical Sciences, Pakistan

The Gambat Institute of Medical Sciences (GIMS) in Gambat, Pakistan is a state-of-the-art teaching hospital, providing life-saving procedures and medical and training services.

Since 1974, when it was founded, the institute has evolved from a two-room dispensary to a modern 10-acre facility performing an impressive array of life-saving operations. Last year the center carried out its first successful kidney transplant and this year it will perform its first liver transplant. One of the goals of the institute is to provide free organ transplantation to the poor of the region. In periods of conflict the institute is also responsible for mobilizing and integrating medical resources in different regions of the country.

As a teaching facility, GIMS’ management needed a conference solution to help them deliver a fully interactive learning experience, one capable of facilitating the presentation and the sharing of multimedia content. A complete solution from the Bosch DCN Multimedia range was chosen and installed by WorldWide Vision, a locally based Bosch partner. Installation was quick, taking only one week to complete, and included 40 Bosch DCN Multimedia devices accompanied by 40 Bosch Multimedia High Directive microphones.

The DCN Multimedia conference system integrates audio, video and meeting content with internet access in one single system, meaning that the institute’s teaching staff are now able to prepare and share conference material in advance. This material can then be accessed from each participant’s device via a high-resolution 7-inch touch screen. The installation of this equipment has resulted in more relaxed but also more dynamic and efficient meetings, with each participant having access to meeting material at their fingertips. Students can share content with other participants via their device, greatly enhancing the learning experience. The solution has the added economic benefit of saving on printing costs and paper waste.

The 40 Bosch Multimedia High Directive microphones, which easily plug into each device, have low noise and low susceptibility to interference from mobile phones, allowing the institute’s students to exchange views – even in noisy conditions.

“It is a great experience using the first-class Bosch DCN Multimedia solution in our conference room,” Dr Rahim Bux Bhatti, Director of the GIMS, commented.

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