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Book your live equipment demonstration with Kirintec today

Book your live equipment demonstration with Kirintec today

Book your live equipment demonstration with Kirintec today

Now you can have a live equipment demonstration, without even leaving your desk!

You may have heard about our products, perhaps you’ve read our brochure and want to see how our kits works? Since our Skype equipment demonstration is proving to be very popular, we suspect that you will be ringing us today to arrange yours!

We can set up technology, so you can see it is working in an actual scenario.

It’s easy to be informed

Since our team can:

• talk through the situation
• answer your questions
• work with an interpreter (if needed)
• explain and show the benefits of our superior technology to you

You and your team can benefit from their expertise.

We have customers across the world.

Their feedback regarding Skype to demonstrate our equipment is phenomenal. You can see it in real time (without the need to view it on a pre-made video), to learn how it can give you the advantage you are looking for.

Understanding the threat to help advance your response.

We can mock-up a scenario at a mutually convenient time, allowing you to learn first-hand how our equipment works. Furthermore, we are even open to granting you permission to record the equipment demonstration. This may prove advantageous to you, should you need to share it with colleagues who cannot attend the product demonstration on the day.

This is convenient – literally within hours we can arrange an equipment demonstration time together.

Importantly this saves everyone money and time. Consequently, using the internet to see our product working will be enough to reassure you of their effectiveness. We are confident in the ability of our product range. In turn, you will be impressed to make a purchase.

Finally to find out more about a product demonstration please get in touch today: email: or telephone: +44(0) 1989 568 350

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