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Axis appoints Tertius Wolfaardt as Business Development Manager, A&E (architects & engineers) in the MEA region

Axis Communications to showcase AXIS Q1659, plus AXIS Q86 and Q87 network cameras at Intersec Saudi Arabia 2017

Axis Communications to showcase AXIS Q1659, plus AXIS Q86 and Q87 network cameras at Intersec Saudi Arabia 2017

At Intersec Saudi Arabia 2017, Axis Communications will showcase the new AXIS Q1659 interchangeable-lens network camera which combines Canon imaging and Axis network technologies for high-resolution surveillance, as well as the AXIS Q86 and Q87 Pan-Tilt camera series. The will also demonstrate end to end solutions across retail, critical infrastructure access control and oil and gas.

The inaugural Intersec Saudi Arabia takes place at the Jeddah Centre for Forums & Events, Jeddah, KSA from 2 – 4 May, 2017 and Axis Communications will be located at stand D-47.

Canon and Axis technologies combine to deliver high-resolution surveillance
Featuring the same Canon-developed high-performance image sensor and image-processing engine employed in the Company’s EOS series of interchangeable-lens cameras, the new AXIS Q1659 (pictured below) makes possible the capture of approximately 20-megapixel (5472 x 3648 pixels) color video at 8 frames per second to support high-resolution surveillance applications. Additionally, through Axis’s proprietary video-processing and image-compression technologies, the camera offers even more storage and bandwidth savings for enhanced video surveillance efficiency.Axis Communications to showcase AXIS Q1659, plus AXIS Q86 and Q87 network cameras at Intersec Saudi Arabia 2017

Q86 Series
AXIS Q86 Network Camera Series comprises indoor and outdoor-ready high-speed pan-tilt (PT) head network cameras that offer continuous pan rotation in 360° endless and tilt from +90° to -40°, enabling wide area coverage. The series offers 4 models: two visual cameras, AXIS Q8665‑E and AXIS Q8665‑LE, and two thermal cameras, AXIS Q8631‑E and AXIS Q8632‑E.

Q87 Series
AXIS Q87-E Network Camera Series provides a visual camera and a thermal camera. The visual and thermal cameras can deliver several independent H.264 streams. Both visual and thermal cameras are connected to an Ethernet switch placed inside the housing. From that switch only one Ethernet cable is necessary to view both cameras.

2017 Trends
Axis expects 2017 to be the year when new camera capabilities are combined with real-time analytics to address several security challenges, including facial recognition, forensic analysis and perimeter protection. This is critical as per IHS, by 2020, network camera sales are forecast to account for approximately 95% of total worldwide security camera sales, compared to approx. 80% in 2015.

Axis Communications CTO, Johan Paulsson commented:

“We expect the so-called ‘Internet of Things’ to be much less of a novelty and more of the fabric of our daily lives. However, that means manufacturers of internet-enabled devices should step up and take much more responsibility for the level of default security they ship with. ‘The Internet of Things’ has evolved from buzzword status to mainstream reality, but not without its challenges. While we still think the idea of millions of IP-enabled devices is an exciting prospect for the future, 2016 gave us a sobering reminder of the pitfalls of not properly securing all those internet-connected fridges, DVRs and unfortunately security cameras. Given that most of those devices are just plugged in and switched on by customers, it is down to manufacturers to take responsibility to ensure they are secure out of the box”.

Axis has always taken its customers’ security seriously, and hope to see 2017 as the year when all manufacturers make this a priority. Axis will continue to strengthen existing offerings and make it easier for customers to keep their networks and devices secure.

The Internet of Things should be about better security, and more efficient businesses, organizations and cities thanks to ‘smart’ cameras, door stations and audio equipment with network connectivity. 2017 will add more ‘smarts’ to those devices, while also enabling customers to focus on what they do best and allowing security specialists to improve the services they provide.

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