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Axis Communications introduces comprehensive store optimisation and loss prevention solutions with retail focus after Cognimatics acquisition

Axis introduces comprehensive store optimisation and loss prevention solutions with retail focus

Axis introduces comprehensive store optimisation and loss prevention solutions with retail focus

Axis Communications has introduced ‘new and comprehensive’ store optimisation and loss prevention solutions for the retail sector, providing intelligence, driving revenue growth and prevention of loss. The new solutions follow its long-term partnership with and subsequent acquisition of the video analytics application company Cognimatics.

Axis Communications has fully integrated Cognimatics applications with Axis network cameras, audio, and access control products.

Said Axis Communications Director Business Development Retail, Johan Åkesson:

“The competitive environment for bricks and mortar retailers is as ferocious as it has ever been. Generating more revenue per customer, reducing loss, and enhancing customer experience are all commercial imperatives. With these new solutions, we aim to provide the same levels of business intelligence to retailers in the physical environment that their online counterparts have.”

The new solutions will be marketed solely under the Axis brand, and will support retailers in two critical areas of their commercial objectives – store optimization solutions for customer understanding and revenue growth and loss prevention solutions to prevent theft.

Axis Store Optimization Solution
In its store optimization solution, Axis’ network cameras, audio products, added to business intelligence and analytics software, deliver unparalleled accuracy in terms of people counting, age and gender detection, store occupancy estimation, and queue monitoring. The insights are delivered through comprehensive reports designed per customer needs, hosted in the cloud and available through both desktop and mobile applications. The solution allows for the enhancement of the customer experience and sales opportunities through dynamic staffing levels, sales display information, and in-store announcements.

Axis Loss Prevention Solution
In the loss prevention solution, Axis’ network cameras, access controllers, and video door stations are combined with analytics software to highlight in real-time issues and enable immediate action for example unauthorized store exists, tailgating at entrances, in addition to providing a mechanism for random selection without profiling.

Axis Store Optimization Solution – Axis Network Product examples

AXIS Store Optimization Suite
AXIS M30 Network Camera Series AXIS People Counter
AXIS P30 Network Camera Series AXIS 3D People Counter
AXIS P8804 Stereo Sensor Kit AXIS Demographic Identifier
AXIS C1004-E Network Cabinet Speaker AXIS Occupancy Estimator
AXIS C2005 Network Ceiling Speaker AXIS Queue Monitor
AXIS Store Reporter
AXIS Store Data Manager

Axis Loss Prevention Solution – Axis Network product examples

AXIS Loss Prevention Suite
AXIS M30 Network Camera Series AXIS Direction Detector
AXIS P32 Network Camera Series AXIS Tailgating Detector
AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller AXIS Random Selector
AXIS A8004-VE Network Video Door Station

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