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Aperio® solution perfect fit for Hyatt Regency Hotel, Dubai

Aperio® solution perfect fit for Hyatt Regency Hotel, Dubai

Aperio® solution perfect fit for Hyatt Regency Hotel, Dubai, office spaces

ASSA ABLOY – a global leader in door opening solutions – reports that the ability to support Gallagher and x-Plan integration was a key consideration in making Aperio® wireless locks the right choice for Hyatt Hotels administration in Dubai.

A new 5-star hotel where an Aperio® solution went live last March, after installation by system integrator Al Futtaim Technologies, is situated in Dubai’s Healthcare City area. The impressive Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights has 464 luxury rooms spread over 34 floors and caters for both business and leisure travellers. For this particular project ASSA ABLOY partnered with Gallagher (online) and x-Plan (offline).

Electronic lock integration
Looking in more detail at the thinking behind this successful Aperio® roll-out, the catalyst was the fact that the Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights hotel required an electronic access control system for its non-public facing areas, including, crucially, the administrative back-office space. Significantly, ASSA ABLOY says that the job demanded premium build quality on a par with that found throughout all Hyatt Regency properties.

Focusing in on the key aspects of the project, it was imperative that any electronic locks selected would be able to integrate seamlessly with the Gallagher access control system that is installed at the hotel. In addition the hotel wanted a full range of both online and offline locks that could be deployed where appropriate, and wireless locks that had a design that would work alongside the contemporary layout of the hotel’s commercial areas. The Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights also needed reliable technical and customer support from ASSA ABLOY and a local system integrator as well as a cost-effective solution in line with the project’s budget.

Aperio® solution perfect fit for Hyatt Regency Hotel, Dubai

A solution for the future
According to ASSA ABLOY the flexibility that comes with an Aperio® solution means that back-office access control at Dubai’s new Hyatt is now ‘future-proofed’. Local system integrator Al Futtaim Technologies was responsible for installing a mix of online and offline Aperio® electronic access control devices. To date, 25 online E100 escutcheons and 51 offline E900 escutcheons have been fitted. The beauty of Aperio® is that it enables security managers at the new Hyatt to monitor doors remotely. Alongside this it is possible for them to open doors wirelessly and to create all-important audit trails for specific staff-access only doors on demand.

Increasingly it is not just the performance of security solutions but also the aesthetics which is being factored into the all-important decision-making process, especially in landmark developments like the Hyatt Regency Dubai Creeks hotel. In this case, ASSA ABLOY says that the attractive Aperio® component design ensured that the escutcheons could readily complement the contemporary feel of the Hyatt’s new commercial back office space.

In practice, Aperio® wireless escutcheons are simple to install and link to the access control systems. Aperio® equipped doors are operated with standard RFID smartcards and powered by standard batteries. Moving ahead, ASSA ABLOY reckons that it will be easy to incorporate additional Aperio® locks should the Hyatt Regency Dubai Creeks hotel need them.

Since their launch Aperio® electronic access control devices have proven to be extremely popular for numerous installations worldwide, as both new and retrofit items. Given the recent success in Dubai it is likely that more and more hotels in the Middle East and beyond will be looking to follow this lead to unlock the benefits which, ASSA ABLOY says, Aperio® is well equipped to deliver.

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