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Aperio® brings wireless access control to new Concert Hall

Aperio® brings wireless access control to new Concert Hall

Aperio® brings wireless access control to Norway’s new Concert Hall

A leading orchestra, admin staff, 200 contractors, and thousands of music fans all need access at various times. Auditoriums, rehearsal rooms, wardrobes, offices, a sauna, the canteen and an archive all need securing.

The requirement at Stavanger Concert Hall was for dependable access control with maximum flexibility. The answer was Aperio® wireless technology from ASSA ABLOY.

The new Stavanger Concert Hall, designed by RATIO Arkitekter, required a modern access control system to match its daring design. Uncompromising security, easy operation and affordability were major criteria. Above all, the system needed to offer configurable, flexible access management, ensuring administrators could control and monitor who could enter any of the building’s 180 rooms.

Stavanger Concert Hall selected to install around 135 battery-powered Aperio® offline escutcheons and cylinders integrated with the new access control system at the venue.

It’s now straightforward for an administrator to divide users into defined groups. This simplifies the handling of RFID access cards — and ensures every site user has access rights tailored precisely to their needs.

The Stavanger Symphony Orchestra has 85 musicians and 13 admin employees, all with daily work in the concert hall. The orchestra rehearses and holds concerts in the main venue, and also rehearse in a number of purpose-built rehearsal rooms. With Aperio®, it’s easy to issue or revoke access rights when they need.

Gaute Arnesen, Technical Operations Manager at Stavanger Concert Hall explains:

“Every single person can only access necessary areas — which improves safety for everyone.”

Venue employees have access to a canteen, recreation room, wardrobes, sauna and fitness in addition to their offices and the archive. For major events, including television productions, up to 200 contractors must access different areas of the premises. With programmable keycards using standard RFID technology, every user gets the exact access they need. It’s also easy for administrators to generate an audit trail for any lock or user.

And Aperio® is flexible in another, equally important way. Aperio® locks are cost-efficient to run and easy to install: site managers can easily bring more wireless doors into the access control system should needs change in the future. Access control at Stavanger’s landmark Concert Hall is locked down and future-proofed.

About Aperio®: Available on the global market place, ASSA ABLOY’s Aperio® Technology enables a wide range of access control providers to cost-effectively integrate non-wired doors with mechanical locks into access control systems.

About Stavanger Concert Hall: Opened in 2012, Stavanger Concert Hall is a landmark building designed by RATIO Arkitekter. It has two acoustically independent performance spaces, built to the highest international standard. The venue’s design allows two concerts to be staged simultaneously, without any sound transfer from one to the other. For more background, see

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