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AirLive Wireless Surveillance Networking Solution at Intersec

AirLive Wireless Surveillance Networking Solution at Intersec

AirLive Wireless Surveillance Networking Solution at Intersec

AirLive, one of the most advanced international IP Surveillance Networking products and solutions provider is announcing its participation at INTERSEC Dubai 2016 (HALL 1, Booth: 1-F10).

AirLive will showcase its latest Surveillance Networking Solutions, Live Demo will present new SmartCube Camera with IVS and Humidity/Temperature Sensor, IPCam series, SpeedDome, 5 Megapixels IR Fisheye with Patrol, Device Guard PoE Switches, Fiber Switch, 32 Chanel NVR and more.

AirLive supports varying product lines to provide IP Surveillance Networking Solutions to all applications from Home, Enterprise, Retails, Business (Hotel, Shopping Mall, Restaurant, Bank, and Casino), Public Constructions (Train Station, and Airport), WISP, etc. For more information about AirLive products, please visit our website:

The need for High Quality Video Surveillance has grown increasingly in the word in the past few years. Surveillance can be indoor or outdoor, local or remote, static or with patrol which brings many challenges since network has to adapt to multiple access scenarios, harsh environments, different client requirements etc.

Cameras are improving not only with its video quality, but also with its connectivity thus enabling them to be connected wirelessly which enables them to be positioned in a wide area without any additional infrastructure. Thanks to inbuilt Wi-Fi function, Airlive 300W SmartCube Camera is the smallest Cube Camera with integrated IVS Software and Temperature/Humidity sensor, which is not only recording video, but also can monitor peoples movements in a store or shopping center, do peoples counting, and send you hourly report to your email, or will save the data on a cloud. E-fence function will allow you to detect any movement in your designated area, and will inform you via your smartphone if any suspicious activity is happening.

In a door mode camera can detect any movement with PIR sensor and will play prerecorded sound which can be a greeting for your store visitors. For Home Door Mode, camera will not only detect, but also will notify you if anyone is in front of your door so that you can talk to them via inbuilt 2-way-audio using your smartphone. Temperature and Humidity sensors will allow you to measure temperature in your house or office, thus allowing you to save money on cold or hot seasons, when conditioning or heating is a must. Furthermore, 3MP sensor with IR, ICR, and wide field lens will ensure that the video quality will always be sharp and clear.

This year AirLive will introduce AirMax series products 4GW and VH4GW that bridges the connections between WiFi, Ethernet, and the 4G/3G Mobile Network. It can connect any Wi-Fi or Ethernet equipped devices to the broadband Internet. Therefore, Telecom operators can extend their service to cover WiFi and Ethernet devices such as IP cameras, PC, notebooks, traffic controller, and much more. VH4GW can be powered with 9 ~ 36V DC, thus making it easy to deploy it in any type of public transportation, police cars, etc.

In Switch and NVR Section AirLive will introduce new Industrial Grade Switches, Fiber Switch, POE switches with POE Extender for full network deployment, 32 Channel NVR and more. All of which can offer the most stable and rugged networking with the best Price/Performance ratio in industry.

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