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Advancis’ Vendor-neutral PSIM

Advancis’ Vendor-neutral PSIM

Advancis’ Vendor-neutral PSIM

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For more than 20 years, Advancis has been offering an integrated solution
1,000 realized installations in different application sectors, worldwide area representations as well as numerous certified integration partners make Advancis one of the international market leaders in vendor-neutral security and building management.

Founded in 1994 as a regional software manufacturer, the company pioneered with regard to cross-domain security management. From the very beginning, vendor-neutrality has been the decisive advantage of the WinGuard system, as the total security, building, communication and IT infrastructure can be integrated in WinGuard. The user in the control center is enabled to detect all situations in the surveilled building or perimeter in an optimal way, being efficiently supported in event processing by WinGuard.

The formula for success is the continuous development of WinGuard by innovative ideas, directly at the Advancis headquarters in Germany (Langen/Frankfurt). Customer requirements are efficiently realized. Focus of development always is on ease of use during daily operation and for configuration.

WinGuard X3 2015
Organise your security centrally and user-friendly

WinGuard is an open software platform linking diverse security, building management and communication systems of different manufacturers.

Proprietary interfaces enable transfer of event messages as well as comprehensive control of all linked systems. All system states are collectively displayed in only one user interface. The user profits from a uniform and intuitive operation of a wide variety of different systems. In addition, WinGuard offers program-guided instructions for event processing – for a quick and secure management of the situation.

Using WinGuard as centralized management system reduces purchasing and maintenance costs for other control units as well as personnel and training costs. The modular extensibility of WinGuard offers high investment protection. Due to individually adapted modules for particular functions, systems, workflows or verticals, WinGuard also responds to specific requirements. A comprehensive, complex global solution that is still easy to operate: No contradiction at all for WinGuard.

Recent innovations
The most important features of the latest version WinGuard X3 2015

Optimized GUI
Thanks to the reduced, clear “Arctic Design“ of WinGuard, the user can now even better concentrate on the important contents and work with a modern interface. The integrated Customizer provides the possibility to create individual interface designs.

Mobile Access
WinGuard offers the involvement of modern devices such as smartphones and tablets into the communication chain. The iOS App as well as the Webclient provide mobile access to current status and event messages so that the user can take the appropriate actions.

SQL Export
Different data can be exported into an independent, user-defined SQL database, either manually or continuously. In this way, data can be made accessible to other programs and further evaluated with regard to process optimization.

Improved CAD
The improved CAD functionality that has been extended by a cache memory enables a quicker display of floor plans in case of an incoming event. Vector graphics are instantly refreshed in the background. In addition, the new CAD implementation supports numerous other file formats.

Highest Security
Due to the application of current standards and with the experience from international large-sized projects and the resulting improvements, the use of WinGuard guarantees steady security, stability and efficiency. This ensures a reliable and secure network communication even in case of cross-location installations.

Diverse Interfaces
A specific characteristic of WinGuard is the vendor-neutral and cross-domain linkage of most diverse security, building management and communication technology systems. The most recent version provides numerous new interfaces in the portfolio.

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