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AccessData Introduces New “On-Demand” eDiscovery Services

AccessData Group launched a pair of new eDiscovery services offerings that allow its corporate and law firm customers to reduce capital expenditures by obtaining application support and managed services on-demand.

With corporate legal budgets under pressure, it’s important that our customers have a variety of options that allow them to choose the service model that works best for them given the unique circumstances of each matter,” said Keith Schrodt, JD, director of product marketing and strategy for AccessData. “With the new service offerings we’re rolling out this week, our customers now have four different approaches from which to choose in order to meet their eDiscovery requirements.”

At LegalTech New York 2015, the world’s largest annual conference and trade show focused on legal technologies, AccessData introduced two new eDiscovery models in partnership with Innovative Discovery. Innovative Discovery was founded in 2005 and is a leading provider of managed review services for eDiscovery professionals.

The two new models include the following:

  • On-Demand Application Support

Customers are now able to pay a simple monthly fee (based on the number of gigabytes required) to run a matter through AccessData’s Summation eDiscovery platform, the first and only web-based solution that combines comprehensive data processing, early case assessment, final review and transcript management into a single platform. With this new Application Support offering, Innovative Discovery sets up a private instance of Summation on their hardware and within their secure, state-of-the-art data center, then turns over the access privileges to the customer. Customers don’t have to make any investment whatsoever in hardware or a long-term license to the software, they simply upload their data when ready and run the matter themselves with full administrator rights.

  • Managed Services

Customers may also now choose a service offering that unites the industry’s pre-eminent review technology of AccessData’s Summation platform with the proven eDiscovery review processes of Innovative Discovery’s experts. In this new Managed Services offering customers pay a per-gigabyte fee for their use of Summation and hourly fees for various consulting services that may be appropriate.

The company also unveiled an offering called Summation Appliance, which is a turnkey eDiscovery package that includes the necessary hardware bundled with the Summation software. The package is literally drop-shipped to the customer with everything pre-installed, pre-configured and ready to go. There are three tiered options, designed for either Small Firms, Medium to Large Firms or Large Firms and Corporations.

AccessData also continues to offer access to Summation with its traditional software business model, in which customers purchase a subscription to license the use of the software platform. With this Subscription Model, customers are responsible for acquiring and maintaining their own hardware and infrastructure to run the software, which is typically installed behind a firm’s firewall. Yesterday, AccessData announced the release of Summation 5.6, an enhanced version of the company’s flagship eDiscovery software platform with robust new features that improve case organization, analysis and collaboration.

By offering our customers four unique ways to deploy our eDiscovery review technology platform, we’ve adapted our business models to the changes in the marketplace and created a variety of flexible approaches that align with the litigation budget pressures faced by law firms and corporate legal departments,” said Schrodt.


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