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AccessData and HP Extend Response in Wake of Attacks

AccessData, the leader in incident resolution solutions, has announced an extended collaboration with HP to address the major challenges global organisations face following a major cyber-attack. New offerings through HP’s Digital Investigations Services integrate AccessData’s ResolutionOne™ Platform to provide advanced threat intelligence and rapid incident response across company networks, endpoints, mobile devices and applications.

HP’s Rapid Incident Response (RIR) Services help organisations immediately following an attack with leading edge technology and expertise to provide rapid, onsite digital investigations and forensics. The integration of the ResolutionOne Platform speeds up the process through continuous, automated incident resolution. This solution enables comprehensive, real-time insight, analysis, response and resolution of data incidents.

“The robust RIR services combine HP’s extensive security expertise with the ResolutionOne Platform to remediate the sophisticated attacks threatening enterprises,” said Craig Carpenter, CMO, AccessData. “HP chose ResolutionOne for its seamless integration into infosec environments, SIEM interoperability and threat feed consumption capabilities for collective intelligence, automated detection, analysis and resolution.”

“AccessData carries proven and deep experience around cybersecurity and forensics,” said Rob Stitch, Director Global Professional Services, HP Enterprise Security Services. “The ResolutionOne Platform delivers what our customers need, powerful continuous and automated incident resolution capabilities so organisations can quickly recover and secure their IT environments.

The ResolutionOne Platform’s network and host-based forensics extends the functionality of HP’s RIR service with advanced capabilities: comprehensive root cause analysis, full packet capture network forensics, advanced computer forensics (hard drive, memory, and peripherals), malware triage, and enterprise-wide auditing for compromise assessment. ResolutionOne also enables real-time collaboration among all security and response teams, and provides automated batch remediation so organisations can eradicate threats, not just contain them.


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