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A10 Networks Extends Security Functionality and Price/Performance Leadership with New Thunder ADC Appliances

New Thunder Appliance Models Offer up to 300 Percent More SSL Performance and 200 Percent Hardware-Assisted DDoS Protection Performance Than Previous Generation

DUBAI, UAE, 10th June, 2015 — A10 Networks (NYSE: ATEN), a technology leader in application networking, today announced new mid-range Thunder™ Application Delivery Controller (ADC) appliances and high-end Thunder SPE ADC appliances that set a new standard for secure high-performance application delivery. The new mid-range Thunder ADC appliances provide powerful dedicated hardware for SSL performance and DDoS attack protection at an exceptionally competitive price point for enterprises. The high-end Thunder SPE appliances provide SSL performance, and enhanced DDoS and network protection in hardware with the Security and Policy Engine (SPE) hardware, allowing Web giants and service providers to secure the most demanding data center applications and networks.

Trends such as the digitalization of business practices, big data, cloud networking, and mobility are driving demand for high-performance data center infrastructure solutions. While data center traffic is growing rapidly, SSL encryption requirements are increasing at an even faster rate to protect customer data, forcing organizations to rethink their SSL offload and SSL inspection strategies. A10 Networks’ new Thunder Series appliance models meet today’s escalating performance and security needs by dramatically increasing L4 and L7 connections per second and SSL performance benchmarks compared to its previous generation of appliances.

The new mid-range models also offer customers investment protection with modular SSL components. Designed with “SSL modularity” in mind, the new Thunder appliance models enable customers a simple upgrade path from the current generation of SSL processors to the next generation of higher performance SSL technology once available from A10.

The new Thunder Series appliances are based on A10’s innovative Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS), which delivers industry-leading price performance and protection. They also leverage the same data center-efficient designs as other ACOS-based appliances, consuming less power, cooling and rack space, which are critically important metrics for large data center operators.

“With the continued rise of well-publicized DDoS attacks and data breaches, organizations of all sizes are requiring effective protection from the escalating size and complexity of attacks,” said Sanjay Kapoor, vice president of global marketing. “The new Thunder models leverage our software-defined ACOS capabilities to protect not just service providers and Web giants, but also mid-size enterprises as demonstrated by the best-in-class Thunder 3230S.”

The new mid-range Thunder hardware appliances are as follows:

Thunder 3230 and 3230S (two “S” models include SSL Security Processors)
• 4-Core Xeon CPU, 4x1GbE, 4x10GbE
• Throughput: 30 Gbps
• SSL CPS (2048-bit): Up to 52,000
• DDoS Protection (SYN Flood) SYN/sec: 55 million

Thunder 3430 and 3430S (two “S” models include SSL Security Processors)
• 6-Core Xeon CPU, 4x1GbE, 4x10GbE
• Throughput: 42 Gbps
• SSL CPS (2048-bit): Up to 75,000
• DDoS Protection (SYN Flood) SYN/sec: 55 million
• Thunder 5330 and 5330S (two “S” models include SSL Security Processors)
• 10-Core Xeon CPU, 8x10GbE
• Throughput: 78 Gbps
• SSL CPS (2048-bit): Up to 96,000
• DDoS Protection (SYN Flood) SYN/sec: 112 million

The new high-end Thunder SPE hardware appliances with Security and Policy Engine (SPE) hardware are as follows:
Thunder 5435 and 5435S (“S” model includes SSL Security Processors)
• 10-Core Xeon CPU, 16x10GbE, 4x40GbE
• Throughput: 78 Gbps
• SSL CPS (2048-bit): Up to 65,000
• DDoS Protection (SYN Flood) SYN/sec: 112 million

Thunder 6435 and 6435S (“S” model includes SSL Security Processors)
• 2 x 12-Core Xeon CPUs, 16x10GbE, 4x40GbE
• Throughput: 153 Gbps
• SSL CPS (2048-bit): Up to 135,000
• DDoS Protection (SYN Flood) SYN/sec: 223 million

Pricing and Availability
All models are available now, starting at $39,995. Additional information is available in the Thunder ADC datasheet:

About the Thunder Series Application Service Gateways
The A10 Thunder Series is A10’s premium product family delivering the highest performance application networking solutions up to 155 Gbps, integrating expanded system resources to support future feature needs, and offering a broad array of physical, virtual and hybrid form factors. The Thunder Series offers a portfolio of Application Service Gateways that address a range of customer needs, including Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs), Carrier Grade Networking (CGN) and DDoS mitigation solutions.

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