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See how safety and sound fit in one compact system with the VX-3000Wall-Mount

Voice alarm systems significantly increase security in buildings compared to pure tone alarm systems (sirens, etc.). TOA’s VX-3000 system is already an established quality product in this field. Now the system is extended by a compact version for installation on the wall, which provides all the functions of the VX-3000 system in the smallest space and is therefore ideal especially in cramped conditions.

In addition to voice alarming, the VX-3308WM offers PA functionality. All this, of course, in accordance with the European EN54 standard for fire protection systems.

The coupling of voice alarm and PA systems ensures greater safety: Instead of two systems only one is needed to distribute the alarm as well as the general distribution of announcements and background music, which reduces the installation effort and thus the costs. At the same time, the high sound quality of the general PA system is an advantage for the speech intelligibility of the emergency messages. The prioritisation of emergency announcements over general public address tasks ensures reliable alarming.

Emergency announcements can be individually stored and played back for each sounded zone – thus providing exactly the information required for the evacuation of each zone. Also, emergency messages can be addressed to selected areas while other zones stay unaffected and normal PA continues. In addition, the operational readiness of the system is permanently monitored and thus ensured.

The VX-3308Wall-Mount system can be combined with the modular VX-3000 cabinet rack system, for example for distributed installation in high-rise or satellite buildings.

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