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3D Animation Service from Security Media Publishing and dcs Sonovision

3D Animation Service from Security Media Publishing and dcs Sonovision

dcs Sonovision and Security Media Publishing team up to bring 3D animation and visualisation to the global security market.

The power of video has been known for some time and its use in marketing, product and company showcasing or for educational guides has been developing so you can do more and give users better and better on screen experiences.

Installers and integrators have an increasing variety of products and solutions requiring more documentation and training. Getting that documentation and training delivered in a new, exciting and easy to use way is an essential part of looking after the key people who buy your equipment.

In many cases where security is concerned you can’t use traditional video with real pictures showing your solution for sensitive sites, nor is it easy in traditional video to be able to model the coverage you are able to provide.

To meet both of these requirements and more this is where dcs Sonovision, working with Security Media Publishing, comes in. dcs Sonovision is a leading provider of Technical Publications, including S1000D Data Modules, Computer Based Training (CBT), Integrated Logistic Support (ILS), Graphic Design, Animation and Marketing Services.

Security Media Publishing has a reach into the global security market though its leading online resources and as well as through its bimonthly print news paper, SecurityNewsDesk.

Philip Ingram, Managing Director of Security Media Publishing says:

“We pride ourselves at being at the leading edge of the support we can provide to the security community. Our approach, unlike that of many of our competitors, is forward leaning, open and holistic. Teaming up with dcs Sonovision and their very real experience with sensitive and often classified projects brings a capability those forward thinking companies in the Security Industry will see the benefits of immediately. I am very excited at working with a company I have had personally recommended and what we can bring to the market.”

Peter Marchant, Director at dcs Sonovision, says:

“At dcs Sonovision, our creative team of 3D Animators, Illustrators and Graphic Designers, seamlessly combine their talents in order to supply a high quality service, which leads to an even higher quality end product. As a supplier to the Defence/Security Sector, we are often called upon to model and animate sensitive material for promotional and training purposes. We work closely with our customers to not only ensure that their requirements are met, but also, that their expectations are exceeded, all within a realistic budget.

We are looking forward to working with Security Media Publishing and hope our combined expertise will be a benefit to the Security Industry.”

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