SecurityMiddleEast Banner Adverts: (pcm)

1 (per banner) 6 (per banner) 12 (per banner)
Leaderboard £350 £300 £250
Tower £300 £250 £200
Footer £275 £225 £175

Company Profile for 1 year: £1,500

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Designed to make you known to the market. The ideal package for smaller companies to get introduced to the market or possibly introduce a new product or service.
• Profile in TheSecurityCatalogue including logo and web address
• 1 Premium eNews inclusion per month
• Company profile on
• 2 Dedicated eBroadcasts per year
• 2 Audio marketing outputs
Designed to make the community and market aware of you, your products and services.
• Full profile in The Security Catalogue with the ability to add brochures, videos, pictures and more
• 2 Premium eNews Inclusions per month
• Detailed Company profile on where your news will remain posted
• 4 Dedicated eBroadcasts per year
• An A5 advert in every edition of SecurityNewsDesk newspaper (6 per year)
• Profile on
• 12 Month Footer Banner on
• 3 Audio marketing outputs
Aimed at making a real impact on the market and gets us working as a virtual member of your marketing team.
Full profile in The Security Catalogue including access to business opportunities and Tender notifications
• 4 Premium eNews Inclusions per month
• Detailed Company Profile on with a fully managed
service for your news
• 8 Dedicated eBroadcasts per year
• Company Profile on
• 12 Month Tower Banner on
• 4 Audio marketing outputs
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