Surveon ensures smooth operation for crucial infrastructure with comprehensive surveillance systems

Surveon ensures smooth operation for crucial infrastructure with comprehensive surveillance systems

The critical infrastructure of any country needs to be protected from the effects of natural disasters or sabotage, so governments need to rely on intelligent surveillance systems which can provide active alarm to ensure proper actions can be taken when an incident or emergency occurs. To help integrators implement an integrated system, Surveon provides comprehensive surveillance systems for critical infrastructure to improve national economic security, public health and safety.

Harsh weather and different light conditions can be challenging for outdoor cameras to be able to function properly with clear images whether during the day or night time. Surveon cameras with true WDR and low lux performance ensure images of incidents including everything from vandalism to natural disaster are clearly captured under any lighting conditions. In addition, it can handle harsh outdoor environments and ensure video footage can still be available in an operating temperature range from −40°C (−40°F) to 50°C (122°F) and 90%+ humidity. Among Surveon’s camera selections, 2MP bullet camera CAM3371EM with WDR and SONY Exmor Sensor, 2MP outdoor dome camera CAM4361LV with IP67 and IK10 are ideal for such applications.

Critical infrastructure solutions often operate in open environments and the number of security guards is usually limited so they require active alarms to ensure smooth operation. Surveon video analytics such as Forbidden Area Detection can be employed for places where access is restricted to staff members. Moreover, with high I/O speed, Surveon Control Center (CMS) can collect data to receive reports of events such as fire alarms, providing seamless communication across different units, such as the police and the operations control center so that proper actions can be taken in a very short time to protect people from accidents such as fire.

Surveon is dedicated to offering a variety of end-to-end video surveillance solutions catering to different vertical applications, giving partners reliable options for their projects.

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